10 commandments joke

I steal this joke shamelessly from Bill Tidy the cartoonist who used it at btween recently.


Moses had been given the commandments by God on Mt Ararat. There were rather a lot of them – about 10 tablets in all but he was eager to return to the Children of Israel and give them the word of God so he set off down the mountain at a run. IN his eagerness to get to the bottom he tripped and fell!

Oh no – 7 of the 10 tablets were broken! What to do? Being a practical man he gathered up the remaining  tablets and all of the pieces and set off again.

When he reached the bottom he stood before the Children of Israel  and said,

“These are the 10 commandments that the Lord has given us to live by” One of the elders of the people said, “That’s marvellous but what are these other bits and pieces?”

“Oh that’s just a game i invented called Scrabble”


Well I didn’t say it was a good joke!


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