Production and play…and spirituality?

Adam Crowe has posted an interesting extract from Play Money by Julian Dibbell. He doesn’t comment on it, it just interests him. Essentially Julian is stating from experience what Pat Kane theorises about in The Play Ethic. When real worlds and ideas collide life gets interesting. And it’s interesting too what he says about our economic system being drained of religious significance. A playful system is taking its place and its vital that we engage with it and understand how our faith is enmeshed in it – because faith is enmeshed in daily life, its where faith is born and borne out so sticking with an old model while culture and society change will ensure that we get more and more out of touch with what motivates, upsets, inspires people . And if salt loses its flavour it is thrown out.

Anyway – have a look – here.


2 responses to “Production and play…and spirituality?

  1. “Essentially Julian is stating from experience what Pat Kane theorises about in The Play Ethic.”

    Right, so, nothing against Pat Kane’s fine work, but the truth is that what I stated in my book — at least in the section Adam Crowe found so quotable — also owes a lot more to theory than to my own experience. In particular, the bit about our economic system being “drained of religious significance” is pretty much a straight borrowing from Max Weber’s theories of the origins of capitalism, which he sees as rooted in Calvinist ideas about salvation. Applying Weber’s ideas toward an understanding of play in relationship to contemporary capitalism was my own bit of theorizing, but in the book I do give Weber the credit he’s due, and I’d hate to leave uncorrected the impression that I could have reached the conclusions I did without the help of his (or anyone’s) theoretical work.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I found it interesting that that your own personal experience expressed in the extract directly illustrated theories I had been reading as I have a bit of a Sternian hobby horse about real life evidence for theorising, I certainly didn’t mean to communicate that you hadn’t applied theory to your book. It’s also very relevant to me to know where your view on the capitalist system has come from – will have to add that to my reading list in addition to all the other books I have lined up!

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