Welcome to Ordinary Eve.

I was originally inspired to start this blog by a talk given by Pat Kane (yes, formerly of Hue and Cry and now a respected academic) who has written a book called The Play Ethic. The book explores the idea that Western society is in transition from a Puritan ethic where work is what gives you value and allows you to become yourself and where play is just a way of letting off steam, towards a society where play is what gives you value and self-actualizes. I was fascinated by how that simple idea explains so much of what spiritual people find difficult or confusing about Western society, why there is an awareness of a disjunct between our expectations of life and what it actually delivers, and what I sense is a certain fear about play and playfulness in relation to religion and spirituality.

Ethics of spirituality are important, essential, but so I would argue is a spirituality of play – understanding how fundamental play is to our being we sideline or ignore it at our peril. And why would we? We miss out on some excellent Monopoly contests! So I want to explore ideas about the playfulness of God, play in relation to our humanity and a spiritual response to a more playful society.

But I am also interested increasingly in the place/role of women in Christianity and religion in general and I find myself thinking about it more and more.

About me
My name is Katie Streten and I am a Christian, have been for as long as I can remember – with the obligatory wobbles and uncertainties continuing throughout my life! I currently work in Detroit, Michigan for Imagination. The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and may not aways reflect the views of Imagination.

I have been working in the Internet with web technologies since 1995. First at GTi in Wallingford, then at Thomson Science & Professional and before I moved to Channel 4 (where I worked for 7 years) at The Science Museum in London. Play – I sing a lot, I play piano and guitar, I love to read, ski, run, do yoga, play alternate reality games online and hang out with my friends.

If you are interested I also write a blog called inoted where I record thoughts about brand experience and digital media and one where I explore writing and books


6 responses to “About

  1. what is your name? i am not happy about anonymous articles, blogs, etc.
    at least you say what you do and have done but you are sadly still anonymous.
    the spirituality of play interests me, but PLEASE IDENTIFY YOURSELF!

  2. Hi Elspeth, Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your point of view and I don’t really have anything to hide but I feel that who I am is largely unimportant so I prefer to blog under my moniker of Lectio. As you point out I do say what I do and where I work and I suppose that people could find out who I am if they wanted to.

    I hope that at least gives an explanation for your query and if you would like me to email my name to you personally that’s fine.

  3. Dear,

    I am working as a youth prevention worker (is this English?) for the Belgian Government. At the moment I am working on a project, a publication on Toy Libraries and education support of parents in the Flandres. I am searching for good texts on the importance of ‘playing’ in philosophical (see Kant, Schiller), psychological (Fröbel, Spencer), spiritual terms (?) terms. I am thinking of Huizinga’s ‘Homo Ludens’, a classic but rather old work. Can you help me or do you know of any person who can?


  4. Hi Freddy,
    Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been on holiday for 2 weeks.

    There are couple of good places to check out and good books to read.
    – Check out The Play Ethic by Pat Kane for some interesting references to children and education and to how it develops children’s skills etc
    – He also has a blog and this section of it focuses on education http://theplayethic.typepad.com/play_journal/playeducation_ch_6/index.html. If you haven’t emailed him already I suggest that you do because he will have lots of academic books that he used for his study and will be able to help and refer you.
    – This website lists some excellent resources –
    – This publication by Brian Sutton-Smith http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/089876081X may be appropriate but I haven’t read it.

    I hope that’s helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. I just came across your blog, by looking up whether James May is *actually* a Christian, or whether Clarkson was mocking him… either way, it made me laugh. So, it was a pleasant surprise to see someone blog about it. But, I have a question, in terms of the anonymity: I’m not assuming any reasons or trying to second guess you, but on any level, is it that you’re ashamed to be a “public” Christian?

  6. HI anna, I was looking up the same thing actually when I saw this. I am guessing he actually is, let me know if you find out!
    No I am not ashamed to be a Christian privately or publically, but I was wary when I started of my motivations for writing – ie just how much am I doing this for self-glorification and how much of it comes from God? Being anonymous was a way of feeling comfortable with writing and pushing that issue to the side a bit! However, I am not sure that this cunning strategy worked – I still follow my technorati rankings avidly! 😉 – so perhaps I should give up on the anonymity thing.

    I actually reference this blog on another blog I write and my name is on there if you are interested it inoted.wordpress.com.

    I’d be interested to hear whether you think it makes a difference to you to know who I am if you decide to follow up on the other blog and how.

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