Atheism for Lent and other material

Lent is nearly upon us alent-comes-providentially-to-reawaken-us-to-shake-us-from-our-lethargy-pope-francissunset-chasernd if you are still looking for something to focus your thinking and spiritual development you might try something from this selection. They range from difficult and challenging to nurturing and supportive.

Atheism for Lent – Pete Rollins

Pete Rollins is a really interesting and engaging phillosopher/theologian. He is challenging and nurturing all in one. If you are over in the corner losing your religion you might want to try this out. Readings, podcasts and resources for every day in Lent plus videos and a Q&A every Sunday. Here’s how he describes it…

“The fourth Decentering Practice of pyrotheology is Atheism for Lent. This profane practice employs the great critique of religion to create a ritual of exorcism powerful enough to cast out the religious dogmatism and festering fundamentalism that can lurk within our souls – whether we associate with theism, atheism or agnosticism or ignosticism.”


A Feast for Lent – Delia Smith

delilaYes, good old Delia Smith, beloved Norwich supporter and tv chef is also a fantastic writer on spiritual matters.

Her writings are accessible, practical and have genuinely brought me closer to God. This is a day by day journey through Lent which is part challenging, part supportive. Thoroughly recommended. Might even be better than her cookery books – fewer blueberries.



Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster
This is what I will be re-reading for this Lent. It’s not a Lent book as such, but Lent is a good time to focus on the basics and this book takes you to the fundamental spiritual disciplines, why they matter and how you can adopt them or reinvigorate them in your life. This one is a as challenging as you make it. Will you accept the challenge, will you go deeper or will you use it more to explore where you are in the journey. Either way, it’s well written but serious and, I guess, requires discipline.



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