What does God want of me? Part 3 – Walk Humbly with your God

3923562175_773e293ed3_mChristianity is not seen as counter culture – if you live in the privileged West. But in fact it is deeply counter culture here is an example -There is a spiritual dimension that is totally and completely knit in with our physical dimension. Not really a mainstream cultural idea, that.

Saying that what God wants is for us to ‘Walk humbly with your God’ isn’t going to play well in a world where being proud, boastful of accomplishments, bullish about your importance above other people’s, other nation’s, is the prevailing wind.

Nor is it going to play well when we want to claim that the other side is mongering fake news whenever the facts contradict our view of reality, or when we don’t want to hear alternative points of view born out of pain and frustration because we don’t know how to acknowledge them and still deliver on our liberal beliefs.

Because walking humbly with God means we give up our need to be right, our need to protect ourselves, our need to promote ourselves. It means we have to give up our own agenda and take on God’s – and though we would like to think we know what that is, it si almost always not what we think (though often what we have dreamed, but that’s for another post) This is very counter cultural stuff and for that reason it can be very hard to do.

Don’t ever believe you haven’t been challenged or chosen because ‘all’ God wants from you is to Do justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with Your God. Just trying to live these three things will take a lifetime and may take you to places you never thought possible and moments you never thought you would experience.


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