the end of Christmas, the start of…

Today is Epimg_2034iphany, the last day of Christmas so I spent 4 hours last night taking down the Christmas decorations. Everything has to be sorted, wrapped, stashed and then just when you think you’ve taken everything off the tree and you’re about to take it back to the basement you find a lonely wooden ornament that belongs in a box you packed at the bottom of a trunk 3 hours ago. It’s all a bit of a let down once the decorations are gone, as if Christmas has never been.


But not as if God has never been. Because that’s God’s style. He favors the nudge, the comment, the reminder the still small voice. He can do Damascus road and mountain top if he has to, but most of the time it’s in the quiet after the storm that we find God waiting. It’s in the bare house, stripped of finery. It’s in the heart that is finally calm and has the time to listen.



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