Thinking about God

An excited brain imageThere is a modern perception that you can’t think your way to God. Christians are just as guilty of this as non-Christians and yet there are some outstanding thoughtful approaches to the existence and experience of God.

Great examples of deeply thinking Christians can be found in the famous author CS Lewis, who moved from atheism to faith through thoughtfully considering the world he encountered, or ex-Professor of Divinity at Oxford, Keith Ward, who came to faith through philosophy.

But continuing my current obsession with podcasts I’d like to direct you to a series of conversations just hosted by Rob Bell (who wrote Velvet Elvis – highly recommended and brilliantly designed). He has just finished chatting with Pete Rollins, another philosopher and also great speaker and author.

If you want an intellectual yet digestible approach to ways of thinking about God; if you want to understand a little more about why people bother to believe in God; if you are sick of bald statements about the Bible delivered in slightly hysterical tones, then these conversations will be intriguing to you.

You don’t have to disengage your brain to be a Christian.

And you know, it’s not like a book, no one can even see what you’re doing….


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