affordable, ethical fashion SS16

jody-gingham-top-in-navy-9242c0e77fe4I am currently reading  Justice and Submission which was sent to me by Alban Books. I’ll be reviewing this soon, but it’ll be a positive review,  its already having an affect on me.

I might not be the most fashionable blogger out there, but I do take an interest in the fashion landscape and each season I check up on what the latest trends are. At the same time I am painfully aware of the horrors of fast fashion and the impact that our love for changing our wardrobes is having on both people and our world. So I want to buy fashionable clothes that don’t cost the lives of people or destroy the planet.

Turns out  it’s pretty easy to buy ethical clothing if you are prepared to accept one of two things

a) bankruptcy (who can afford Stella McCartney?)

b) debatable stylings (I don’t relish looking like I stepped out of Glastonbury circa 1992 – well, not any more anyway)

Unfortunately I am not prepared to accept either but trying to find reasonably priced , fashionable, ethical clothes is tricky. I finally realised that if I was frustrated then there are likely to be other people who are too, so I have created a board on Pinterest with the kind of clothes I like to wear (and some I like to but you wouldn’t actually get me into eg crop tops!)

The clothes are mostly under £80/$80. They range from vegan and ethical to fair trade clothing. I have included H&M, even though I don’t believe the way they manufacture their clothes is ethical. They are included because they are affordable, fashionable and eco-conscious. The more affluent amongst us can’t condemn the less who still want to make ethical choices.

‘And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’

Micah 6:8


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