ordinary eve

2068295036_c7d165f051_bI have decided to change the name of my blog to Ordinary Eve. It’s a name I used for a while when writing a magazine site for Christian women with a friend. The magazine has gone but I think that the name still fits me. Eve is a Biblical character who has become the embodiment of everywoman, but with a connection to God. And that’s what I am, an ordinary everywoman with a Christian faith. I found myself interested in writing about  topics beyond play and frequently topics about women with faiths and within the Christian church so it feels right. Plus I get to play around with the apple thing  which is fun.

Eve’s name is only mentioned in one of the creation stories – oh yes, there are two creation stories, one that has God creating man in his own image “man and women he created them”, and one that has woman created out of Adam’s rib as his helper and named by him. I’m not sure how creationists cope with this if their beliefs are based on a the Bible being the literal word of God.  Conveniently these two often get mixed together so that you have the nice neat 7 day creation story mixed up in people’s minds with the Eve coming out of Adam’s spare rib.

So for those old enough to remember, calling this blog Ordinary Eve is a little bit like  Spare Rib the 70s feminist magazine calling themselves Spare Rib. I’m appropriating the masculine discourse to empower the established feminist principle – ooh I feel like a student again.

Lent is a good time to evaluate and change so this is a good time to make this small change. Next time a post on a big change – moving half way across the world and having to choose a new church….




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