Alternative Muslim reactions to Charlie Hebdo outrage

I think it is important when events like this occur, and once our natural outrage and sadness has found vent, to attempt a step back and make sure that we are not letting ourselves form an unbalanced view, soaking up views that can become poisonous and cause yet more hatred if allowed to fester. I don’t mean aligning with the overt and distateful comments made by politicians like Le Pen in France, I mean automatically assuming that there is no counter view to the very prevalent opinion that insulting the Prophet can only mean the severest punishment according to 100% of Muslims.

One French commentator very eloquently said that those who committed this hideous attack are aiming to cause a split, aiming to make society polarise because that will further their cause and justify the Jihad. This is certainly not the only aim or even the main aim of the action, but if we automaticaly condemn all those who follow Islam or even more ridiculously all those who have a faith (I’ve seen some pretty virulent attacks on religion in recent days), after events like this, then the terrorists are winning their war of fear.

So I have been reading posts by Muslims who are outraged by the actions taken by the terrorists in Paris, looking in particular for what the Quran has to say.

Here is some interesting and though-provoking reading.

Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram and 3 uncomfortable questions
#JeSuisCharlie – When will clemency and kindness prevail over extremism?
Why Prophet Muhammed would be deeply disturbed by Charlie Hebdo attacks


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