I hope you are aware of what is happening in Uganda. I hope you are aware of the recent passing of a bill that makes homosexuality illegal and of the rising passion of fear and hatred against homosexuals in that country. I hope you are also aware of the comments made by the Minister for Ethics and Integrity who said that a man raping a young girl was natural whereas as man raping a young boy wad not.

And I hope you are aware that the movement is hiding its actions of hatred and discrimination beneath the cloak of faith in God, trust in Christ, the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I am sensitive to the conflicted feelings of some Christians who don’t find that acceptance of homosexual relationships accords with what they think is acceptable to God. As you know i don’t think that (and nor interestingly does Bishop Desmond Tutu  but that’s another blog post). But whatever your thoughts about it it is hard to make a case for harrassment, criminalisation, discrimination, violence and sexual victimisation as a Christian. We are called to represent justice and mercy.

So I hope you will do something to make your voice known in the global debate.  Stand up for the oppressed as Jesus did.

Visit for simple ways you can add your voice and genuinely bring pressure to bear.


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