Catholics – Women

Good programme on iPlayer at the moment is Catholics. The latest programme in a series is about the Women of Westminster Cathedral, London. There is a Sacristan, some regulars and some visitors, but all talk quite openly about their faith or their lack of it and what brought them there,.

Westminster Cathedral was the church I used to go to during my lunch hour when I worked at Channel 4. It’s a beautiful and peaceful building but I didn’t realise what a haven it is for women till I saw this film. It’s the ultimate irony that a church so heavily patriachal should rely so much on women, but it’s true of churches the world over. It’s not right, but it is the way that the church seems to work. And I don’t think that the Church is alone in its dependance on women to make the little things tick over.

Sheryl Sandberg, the author of Lean In, remarks that perhaps the greatest moral fight of hte 21st century will be over the opression of women and girls worldwide. Churches need to acknowledge the mess they would be in without the women who serve them and to fight for the rights of women on behalf of him who never turned a woman away.


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