Two thoughts on Good Friday

I was just at the Good Friday Taize service at our church and two things occured to me.
Firstly, that at the end it was just the women and the disciple Jesus loved at the foot of the cross. I have heard this story many times but it never struck me as much as it did tonight. I often look around my church and other churches I visit and I am struck by the percentage of women vs men. I sometimes think that this means something is wrong with the Church. But I think it just means that women are faithful, they are the holders on, they have always been that way right from the very start it was women that stayed and prayed and announced to the disciples that Jesus was risen.

I also felt very strongly that I should get on my knees in front of the cross in our church. But I didn’t. Because, wouldn’t that be a bit weird. I am still conscious of my knees and lower legs, and another thing struck me. I couldn’t even do what God asked me to to do in front of my own congregation, so how would I fare if God asked something of me in front of people who would think I was an idiot or possibly unhinged. An opportunity missed, a gentle lesson delivered.

I trust your Good Friday is a thin day. God is near.


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