Being greatful

Some things to be greatful for:

  • Living in a peaceful country that hasn’t experienced warfare directly since 1945
  • The ability to express what we think, feel and believe without fear
  • The ability to worry not about how we are going to get an education but what standard our education will be
  • Being able to raise our children without fear that the water they drink will kill them or a simple case of dysentry, an insect bite or cutting their finger in the garden
  • Full bellies
  • Good books
  • Good, loyal friends
  • Love and family
  • Being able to turn our heads, sleep, walkt without pain (particularly poignant to me at the moment because my neck has seized up!)
  • The luxury of doing a job because it fulfills you, not because you have to to survive

There is so much more and we can never say thank you enough. And even when we are depressed or in a difficult situation our thanks for the things we do recognise as good in our lives is something we can give to God and bearing in mind our privelleged lives is the least we can give.


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