Stories of Christmas Cheer

It can be difficult to remember how honest humans can be at this time of year. Our thoughts are focused on how lucky we are but the contrast can throw up the horror of how unlucky others are, and that’s often down to their fellow man.

I have had 2 examples of the goodness and honesty that is possible from humans recently which I thought I would share because they lifted my heart a little.

First, I lost my phone 2 weeks ago – a two hundred pound phone that I didn’t have insured and more importantly had irreplaceable pics and videos of my daughter and husband on it. I had cancelled the card and resigned myself to it’s disappearance and probably theft. I got on the bus 2 days after I lost it and the bus driver said to me “Did you leave something on the bus?” My phone! What a relief. Then he said, “You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last.” So he’s done that before, and believe me, if he wanted to make a bit on the side by flogging phones in High Wycombe he certainly good.

Second, I just received an email from someone who had picked up my travel card which must have fallen out of my pocket at Marylebone and I hadn’t even noticed had gone. He is going to send it to me. How kind. But more than this, he had emailed my work address and then my friend’s address when I didn’t reply, just to make sure he had really done everything to get the card back to me.

Neither of these stories are going to set the world alight. But it’s good to encounter good people who do the right thing, it reminds us that God is at work in the every day and that’s something we should remember at Christmas more than any other time.

Christmas is about a God who is born into the filth, muck, warmth and trouble of our world. A God we can actually relate to, which should be an oxymoron. A God who transforms that world by his presence so that the good that is inherent in it emerges, in ways big and small.

I wish you a blessed, and peaceful Christmas. I hope you have a merry one too.


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