Women Bishops

By now of course you will be fully appraised of the situation regarding the Church of England synod’s decision not to appoint women bishops, by a majority of just 7 in the lay vote. There will undoubtedly people in the Church today who feel profoundly relieved and confident that the will of God has been done, and those who feel profoundly sad and perplexed, confident that the will of God has not been done.

But this is my blog so what do I think?

As far as the will of God goes, well that’s only going to be a stab in the dark on my behalf, but I believe that there women have been called to full ministry in the Church and that has to include being bishops if the call is at all genuine. My conviction comes partly from disturbing reading I have done in trying to understand the arguments against women priests that hinge all too often around the physical difference and subservience of women. Most of which explicitly ignore Genesis 5 v2. But also come from my experience of the leadership of women in the Church.

So how do I feel about this vote. Frustrated, but not worried. This does  put the discussion of the question off for 5 years and that may be distressing for women who feel they have clearly been called to take on greater responsibility within the Church but it doesn’t close the door forever.  Remember this is not a question of women’s rights. It is a question of attempting to discern the will of God which one hopes the Synod members have done in good faith. Whether the decision is right or not I have said before that God brings good out of bad and I do believe it from my own life experience, if we can let him.

Who knows what genuine benefits might occur as a result of this decision?

When ever it gets close to dinner time and I tell my 2 yr old daughter that I am preparing her meal she gets excited and then very quickly gets very upset when it doesn’t land on the table instantly. I sometimes feel that we are like that with God. He promises good things to us but we want them right now, but possibly he’s making Spinach Pasta for us and that takes longer than we’d ideally like.




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