Things worth watching

There is a great programme on BBC 2 at the moment, Master of Money. It looks at economists and of course has lots to say therefore about politics.

But stop – you say – this blog is supposed to be about play and spirituality not politics and work and economics.

Well in order to understand the former you have to be informed about the  latter. How we structure our society to provide for others, or not; how we value work and money these things say a lot about our spirituality and inform our attitudes to play. In fact, economics is a key factor in the play of power and progression. Incidentally, even Marx thought capitalism was progressive, he just didn’t think it could last forever….nothing lasts for ever of course….anyway…

Here’s an example – Industrial Revolution in Britain, mass exploitation of the working classes, humans valued less than money but massive explosion in wealth in the middle classes and the classic example of the Work Ethic in action. Yes this era then spawned movements like the trades unions, drives to educate children and the Victorian movement for open spaces and parks to provide society with playful spaces. In moderation of course…

In this year of Presidential Election in the US, an election that concerns us all, it’s good to have an informed opinion on the economics of the situation without recourse to mud-flingning hysteria about “communism”. This programme is very helpful in providing information for a more informed outlook that we can line up against our spirituality and critically assess where the matches and the contradictions are.

Why not visit and follow the link to the Open University to see some nice bite sized animations about different economic theories.


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