Books for the Christian Journey 2

The second book on my Goodreads List was Celebration of Discipline by Richard J Foster. It looks at the traditional spiritual disciplines as a way to growing in spiritual maturity. It covers the inward and outward disciplines and the corporate disciplines. The inward Disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting, and study, offer avenues of personal examination and change. The outward Disciplines of simplicity, solitude, submission, and service, help prepare us to make the world a better place. The corporate Disciplines of confession, worship, guidance, and celebration, bring us nearer to one another and to God.

It’s not fashionable and we aren’t taught that self-discpline can be an important and valuable thing. There is a lot of emphasis on personal experience in the spiritual life, of charismatic moments and feelings of God. But the disciplines were incredibly powerful for me in helping me live life day to day drawing nearer to and thinking more about God. They helped me integrate God into the moment. This was a very important book for me and one I think I might have forgotten enough about to get me reading it again.

It was this book that got me on retreat (finally) which was one of the best things that has happened in my spiritual journey, the fruits of it were inspiring.

So that’s book number 2 from my list of top 3 books that influenced my Christian life. What will be book number 3? Ooh you’re on the edge of your seats I can just feel it!


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