The end of lent

Strictly speaking thursday is the end of lent, but this is the end of my lent discipline because tomorrow is Easter.

The purpose of Lent is self- examination and self-discipline. With all this focus on self where does God come in? Of course these 2 activities take place in the context of meditation on Christ and his last days, so it’s hard to miss God and his relations with us.

It’s been a difficult Lent in some aspects and surprisingly easy in others. But i made the mistake I often do with God of expecting to meet him the same way each time. When i look back on being or doing Lent year in year out the experience has always been different each year, and never what i expect. This is part of being in relationship with God. God is not predictable and knowable and we don’t set the agenda. Yet know in each encounter with him that it is Him – whether we have been moved to tears by an apparently irrelevant rock song that reverberates deep inside us or we have been nigled into doing something we didn’t want because in the end it’s pointless to refuse.

I hope you have a peaceful night and enjoy our greatest feast on the morning.


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