Not because we can earn a thing

I heard something very important today in a speech by Professor John Lennox on YouTube. It was simply this: as Christians we don’t do things in order to win the love and approval of God, we do them because we are loved by God. In other words we don’t earn God’s love, he gives it to us, he pours it out onto us and if we don’t accept it he is still longing to give it to us. And love is what Easter is about, someone who loves us, all of us, so much that he is prepared to die alone and in a horrendously painful way to make things right between us.

Easter is a strange festival, at the heart of Christianity. It challenges, but doesn’t defy, human logic. It is representative of a completely different way of looking at the world and at how to live. In all of the betrayal, loneliness, pain and sorrow of Good Friday there is love. And we are lucky because we can see the events from the perspective of history and we know that love triumphs. 


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