Stand up, stand up for Jesus

This morning in our Palm Sunday family service the vicar asked in the middle of the sermon “Will you stand up for Jesus?” it was half way through and we had already been through shouting the ‘Alleluia!’s as Jesus entered and the ‘Barabas!’ as Pilate asked who we would rather crucify Barabas or Jesus. You could say that the scene had been set for participation and so it shouldn’t have been surprising that one little boy at the front took this question literally and stood up.

Of course, we all applauded. It takes guts to do something on your own whether you have been asked to or not. It was delightful on many levels.

It’s easy to stand up for Jesus when you are singing a hymn with everyone else in church where you are all (hopefully) on the same wavelength, it’s more difficult when you are on your own, when you are out in the world. That boy’s action was just what we needed to stir us up and a joyful reminder that we should be prepared to simply get up on our own two feet because sometimes just standing up is witness enough.



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