Tomorrow is Palm Sunday which.  marks a change and acceleration in Lent as we rush towards the final awful conclusion on Good Friday. Up to this point it has all seemed very slow progress but we are about to be confronted by our own complicity our own part in the adulation and rejection of Jesus.

It doesn’t trivialise the way the crowd changes it’s attitude to Him to compare it with the more vicious of the tabloid magazines. They build up celebriities and then pull them down for the most flimsy of reasons, for our pleasure. Or perhaps the crowd that demanded Jesus’s death had deeper reasons for their murderous demand – such as their deep sense of being let down when He refused to lead them into what would have undoutedly been a bloody and an unsucessful revolution against Rome.

Whatever their reasons it’s no good us kidding ourselves we would not have been there t
you ever got angry with God, ever thought things should be a different way, ever secretly thought some celebrity’s downfall served them right?

Hand me my palm.


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