The journey

There is a human tendency to think of the only progression that is valuable as prohression forward. But this is not a helpful approach in matters relating to God. Spiritual journeys take many different shapes – the labyrinth, the pilgrimage (there and back again), the circular trip of liturgy, the dark night of the soul ( being lost), the 3 dimensional journey up to the mountain experience and down to the trough of despair. Sometimes we are in control and that’s usually when we end up lost, sometimes God is in control (when strangely we go in the right direction again.

At the moment i fear i am caught in a loop on a mountain road, going back on myself. That’s what this Lent seems to be telling me. What kind of journey or part of a journey you are on can only truly be answered by yourself. What is the first image that springs to mind? Don’t reject it whatever it is, because it could help you find your way back or onwards to wherever God wants you to be.

Right, where’s my map?


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