Lent so far

We are now well into Lent. It has been an interesting and, at first I thought, an unproductive Lent. I have found it much more difficult to touch the inspiration needed to write every day, by which I mean that this Lent what I have written seems disjointed from one day to the next and is more an act of will than divine guidance. I have missed a couple of days and it has been more in the nature of a chore than the pleasure it was last year.

The writing I have been doing has brought to mind my current distance from God and also brought back into my mind the nature of my relationship with Christ. At first when I considered how far away I felt and where I “am” this Lent I was worried and bothered.  But of course, this is what Lent is about. It is a time to reflect, to consider your relationship with God. What is going on? Are you avoiding time with him? Are you always falling asleep during prayer? (hand up) Are old resolved issues still there?

It’s good to make this time for self-reflection and sacrifice because it does really engage mind/will, heart/desire and soul/spirituality if you let it. The point is to prepare for Easter, to prepare to recommit yourself to a God who loved us so much that he died for us, and more than that became one of us to do so.

So half way through, maybe this will be a productive Lent. I hope so, I think so. I will let you know.


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