The battles we fight

I think that as humans we like to tell ourselves the story of the hero overcoming the terrible danger and living happily ever after (preferably with the beautiful princess) because the reality is so different. I don’t mean that we aren’t all heroes and heroines, after all we are all kings and queens of Narnia, but rather that we rarely defeat the enemy and instead have the same battles over and over again during our spiritual lives.

We might be quicker to recognise the nature of the battle the second or third time we fight it, but the terrain is always a little different leading up to it and that can lead us to ignore the coming storm.

However, I’d like to offer a note of positivity. Once you recognise that you have a battle to fight you have as good as won. Once you determine to deal with an issue God is able to work to solve it with you, though it may take you far longer than you hoped.

As usual I speak from experience both in the battling and the final outcome. So be brave and face your demons. God won’t leave you in the lurch.


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