Answerable to…?

In my job I spend a lot of time worrying about such idiocies as my Klout score and Peerindex – because I worry that when I go into a meeting with other social media marketing types they will look at these scores and find me wanting.

But in the end I realised this morning – you wouldn’t think it would take 39 years! – I am only answerable to God. No one else is even remotely relevant. And rather than being daunting or scary, when you are in an environment like mine, that’s incredibly liberating. And breathe…


One response to “Answerable to…?

  1. That is a good way of living your life. Makes you more productive and happy in all spheres of life. I even talk to god any chance I get, people around think I am talking to myself, but so what, atleast I am being true to god.

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