No authority, no problem

I listen to Pray As You Go from time to time. It is put together by the Jesuits for people who have little time, who perhaps have time in the car, in the bus, on the train, walking to work.

It’s all very well to have a blog but you kind of have to have lots to say and lots to impart. And you worry (0r you should) that you don’t really have the authority to say anything. Today the reading and the talk on Pray as you Go were about the Pharisees. Jesus says do as they say, not as they do. I find that encouraging. No one is perfect, yet they can still say and write things that God can use. No moral or spiritual authority, no problem. Because after all, who really has authority to speak for God? He just inspires and encourages and if we let him it’s him to who moves us, not the writer/blogger/preacher. Phew.



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