Acts of will

In contemporary society there is a lot of chat and value placed on how you feel. And that’s good, a welcome change to the repression of feeling or the way that society used to completely disregard the feelings of its less important members before the mid-twentieth century. But it also places a negative value on thinking, on will in the face of desire.

Tonight, I’m knackered. Partly my own fault for going out partying last night, partly because my daughter woke up at 6am and partly because I have driven back from Bristol which takes about 2 hours but it was snowing so I had to concentrate very hard. So I didn’t want to write this. All I wanted to do was watch tele. But one of the things about Lent is that you engage in an exercise of will. So I’m writing anyway.

I think that there is a theory that practising control over your will is good practise for helping you in combatting temptation. I am not sure that it works. Please do write and tell me otherwise!

But a different approach, that you are making a sacrifice of time, pleasure or will to God makes more sense to me. God doesn’t really need it, but I hope he likes these posts I’m sure he’ll let me know if he doesn’t.



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