Why it’s worth reading Ecclesiastes

A long time ago now I was down, depressed maybe I can go as far as to say. At that time there was one book which helped me more than any other, including secular books and advice books. It was the book of Ecclesiastes.

The writer of Ecclesiastes seems to understand the condition of depression: the way that everything seems futile, the cyclical nature of life and the pointlessness of it all. he acknowledges the sadness and smallness of life and yet he manages to carry on.

Sometimes Christians seem to brush suffering under the carpet and the oddity of that can really alienate people. They can feel as if they don’t fit into the happiness, that they are wanting. And yet the central moment of our faith is one of suffering, followed by a deep grief and mourning amongst the followers of Jesus.

Ecclesiastes doesn’t offer you any false dawns when times are bad. It doesn’t try to jolly you along. It can speak to you in a profoundly different way and one that allows your grief, anger and sense of futility to be and to be ok. That’s why it’s worth reading Ecclesiastes.


One response to “Why it’s worth reading Ecclesiastes

  1. What I love most is the way it helps us unearth the causes of our depression and despair, showing us the solution. It’s a great book. You might enjoy our study in Ecclesiastes – see the Simon Insights page on the CiteSimon blog.

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