Needing an experience of God

The thing about belief is that there are different needs for different people. Some of the disciples were able to believe without even seeing Jesus after he rose from the dead, Thomas wanted to actually put his hand in his side (though in the event actually seeing him was enough…as well it might be).

If you are like thomas what do you do if you feel you have asked God to reveal himself and nothing has happened? All I can share with you is that in my experience God comes and goes as he pleases, though he has always been there in times of great need; and that he is like any other friend, if you don’t bother to get in touch you are likely to experience radio silence as they wait for you to call them; and that your experience when it finally comes will not be what you expect so in a sense you can’t even look out for it; and finally he may not cpme to a challenge ie “come on then if you exist, show me, prove it”.

But then again he may. I’m not sure any of that has been helpful, but I can say that if you have a thirst for God then you are moving in the right direction to have that thirst fulfilled.


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