There are lots of things I could have written about today and maybe some of them will come up later on in Lent but I finally settled on what I said to my vicar as I left church tonight. He said, “Thank you for coming along” and I said, “No, I need it”

It’s not fashionable or modern or some might even say grown up to admit you need to spend time with God. But I am greatful for Lent, because it reminds me how much I really do need to spend time reflecting and thinking and praying. I often wonder to myself whether I behave in a Christian way at all in the day to day of things. And Lent is needful because it reminds me that of course I don’t! But that’s ok – because no one does. We all struggle along, being rubbish, and we all need the crutches of food and drink, friends, our intellect, our bodies to make us feel good and capable and Ok.

Lent reminds us not only that we are not ok, but that not being ok is ok. So say yes to that being useless and move out into the darkness.


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