Pancake Day

Well it’s Shrove Tuesday everyone and so Brits are celebrating in true British style. While everyone else is having a giant party (Rio), dancing in the streets (France) and throwing beads at each other (New Orleans) the Brits are making small, very thin cakes out of eggs, flour and salt and then covering them with lemon juice. Let’s party!!

Perhaps we just get into the whole Lent thing a bit too early being natural pessimists – sorry, realists. Speaking of which I am going to try posting every day again. For some reason this year I have found it more difficult to put regular time aside for God and I hope this will help me.

And I am also reading the Arch B of C’s Lent book Love Unknown.

I think my first post might be on Damascus road experiences. I hope you have a thought provoking and challenging Lent.


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