On things staring you in the face

I have another site, it’s called Ordinary Eve, and it is a magazine site for Christan women. I have bullied and cajoled various people to write with me and help run it with varying levels of success. I’ve been thinking about stopping it because I write more here than there, but I keep getting the odd subscriber here and there on my email list and if you search for Christian Women magazine it’s the 7th result that comes up. You can’t buy that.

I was sitting in church on Sunday morning bemoaning my aloneness in my Christian endeavours to God. My husband is Christian too, that’s not what I mean. I mean in my attempts to do things, my spiritual path and things like Ordinary Eve. And I realised – this isn’t a new situation, it’s always been like this for me. If something isn’t happening – ie great Christian friends who also happen to want to write with me appearing on my doorstep begging to be part of my projects – then one of two things is occuring:-
a) give up this isn’t what God wants
b) suck it up, this is what God wants so just go ahead and get on with it you’re perfectly capable

Unfortunately i think in this case it’s the latter. But actually that’s incredibly freeing. I don’t have to wait for validation from anyone else, I just have to do it.

Sometimes things are staring us in the face and we don’t even recognise it. It’s helpul for a preacher or to tell you a story and point out that this happens a lot. But you may only realise when you are ready. Still, if there is something frustrating you in your spiritual life take a look and see if perhaps it’s always been like that for you, and that it’s ok for it to be like that for you.

You might get a new lease of life.


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