The easiest thing in the world

Just 2 thoughts…
1) I was recently considering going to a church that I thought might be not quite in accordance with how I practice my faith. It made me uncomfortable. I then realised that I constantly hope for and expect a liberal attitude from those of different approach to Christiantiy than myself (specifically evangelical if you must know). Well then, if that is the case I should practice that myself and not judge. A bit of a wake up call. I went to the church in the end and then discovered that actually it is very much of my persuasion – the Lord works in mysterious ways.

2) I remember watching The Big Silence, a programme about trying to find silence in the every day which followed a number of people attempting to build the practice of silence into their daily lives both at Worth Abbyey and then afterwards. At the time I thought they could perhaps have made more effort to get the silent time they craved, though most of them found it incredibly difficult to fit into their days. Of course, at the time I was fitting in silent prayer because I didn’t get woken at 5.30 in the morning by a small person desiring some playtime and milk, going to work and then fitting in all the cleaning, washing and shopping at the end of the day before collapsing into a heap with no desire (or energy) to do anything but watch CSI.

I realised this morning I was in the same boat they were.

Moral: Take out the plank from your own eye. Then address the speck in your neighbours (not my moral of course….).

Just think for a moment of an area you are sure you are right about and ask yourself whether you really are.


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