Guys and gaming

TED comes up trumps again with a short 6 minute talk by Phillip Zimbardo about his latest research around why boys are under performing in relation to women at school and further the social difficulties they are now experiencing in relating to the opposite sex. He cites excessive video game use as one of the key elements in this problem. Did you know that, according to Jane McGonigal, by the time a boy reaches the age of 21 he will have played 10,000 hours of video games – mostly alone.

It poses interesting questions around gaming particularly for parents and teachers. How much video game play should parents allow? And how should it be played – in a communal or individual setting? How can teachers incorporate more game style learning into the classroom to benefit the boys whose brains are already wired for the constant novelty of experience arousal that the video games deliver?

It’s refreshing to see a discussion about videogames that doesn’t focus on the violent side and yet still addresses difficult questions around sociability.

Interaction with others is part of our spiritual development. The more you are challenged as a person by the people around you the stronger your own identity and the more accepting of different you become. There is an important spiritual question to be answered here as well as a social one.

Check out the video for some food for thought. 


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