The things we really posess

As a human that only things that we can say we really possess are our own bodies and minds, and the time we spend in them. And of course even these things can be snatched away.

That’s why doing voluntary work ie doing something not for yourself with your body, mind and time is such an important idea. Time is more precious than money because once it is given it is gone. You can always get more money.

If you really want to give sacrificially, to give where it actually means something to you to have given then sommitting to “spending your time” is a good way to do that. Note your reluctance to spend that time. Note your reluctance to give.

Today I did the Race for Life. It wasn’t the London Marathon! It wasn’t a feat of human endurance. It certainly wasn’t a triathlon like another of my friends did today! (Go Hannah!) But it felt good to actually be the person doing something for once instead of sponsoring others to do it. To me today felt like a day to be proud of. Properly and rightly proud, because I got off my arse and did something with my time, in a way I haven’t really been able to do for over a year. I recommend you try it.

And if you already do it – enjoy it and be proud.


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