Getting back on the horse

Well, I guess writing every single day rather took it out of me. I must say that I have a renewed respect for vicars and priests who have to think of something relevant to say every Sunday (and more) for the rest of their lives. But it has reinforced what I thought about God, which is that if you leave the inspiration up to him then it will come (in the end). Lent this year was quite a different experience for me. Somehow when you have a child it becomes more difficult to remember the headspace you must set aside for God – no idea why that would be…. And yet at the same time there are moments where your child reveals another aspect of God’s relationship with you and with the world.

But I don’t think this Lent was about that. Looking back at all the posts (which is an important part of writing a spiritual diary) I think it reflects my ongoing struggle with what it means to be alive – or more succinctly, what’s the point and what makes a human life valuable.

Any thoughts?


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