Low-level goodness

There is a lot of bad stuff in the world. I just killed an ant for instance. But flippancy aside, sometimes the amount of horror, sadness and wrongness in the world can feel overwhelming and depressingly un-fightable.

And yet…there is low level goodness everywhere, at all times. Low-level goodness is not flashy, not dramatic, not heroic. But it underlies much of the world’s day to day. Low-level goodness makes life bearable when it seems unbearable. It is healthy friendships and family relationships, it is lending something to someone, it is the meditation of cooking or washing or walking, it is a relenting moment in an otherwise bad relationship, it is sharing a joke.

And this is the stuff that gets ignored and it is easy to ignore it. But it is important not to ignore it because it is what provides us with the barometer for when things really are wrong. And it is holy.


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