Stormy weather, making me blue

Off to swansea as our holiday finishes today. We are sailing from Cork and there are gales predicted though the captain has said he hopes we will outrun them. Hmmmm.

I imagine I might be doing a bit of praying tonight! Of course, that kind of prayer is only one element of the prism of prayer. Most importantly prayer is about drawing close to God, which means it can range from frantic requests and admissions of guilt, desire, happiness to meditative silence between you and God. The most important thing in prayer, as in any relationship, is to be yourself. So if that means you really want to be praying heartily for a job interview to go well then it’s best to do that, rather than pretend that the most important thing to you at that moment is world peace.  

The most remsrkable thing about God is that he doesn’t care if you are a sinner or a saint – it’s people who care about that sort of thing – all God wants is you as you are.

So i won’t be feeling venal about praying for calm seas later tonight!


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