Wish List

I confess to being frequently sucked in by magazines. The latest, Stellar, which is an Irish magazine, has an article in it about The Secret.

If you don’t know it basically the premise says that you send out a wish to the universe and if you do that you will get it. You should create a wish board with pics etc of the things you want. The article was accompanied by examples by way of proof such as Oprah Winfrey creating a board for Obama as President…well of course that’s why he was elected!

Momentarily I flirted with the idea of doing one myself. Where’s the harm? Ah well, 2 things to say about that.

Firstly, this falls into the fallacy that you get what you deserve and that goes for bad as well as good, no? After all if you get good things when you ask the universe for it, it follows that if you are getting shit, you’ve asked for shit. That’s just logical. No, i hear you cry, bad things do happen to good people. Yes they do because this world is flawed and damaged and because you can’t get what you want by asking the universe for it…

But secondly, and just as importantly, by committing to be a Christian I agreed to give up control over my life. It’s for God to direct it now – not into anything particularly dramatic at the mo it seems, muffin anyone? So a wish list – which is the most magical form of trying to control your life – would not be within my rights to do (even if it wasn’t bollocks).

So i won’t be doing a wish board, I’ll have to make plans, check them with The Man and see where I end up.

Now my issues with reading rubbish women’s magazines, that’s for another day.


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