Walk humbly with your God

Humility isn’t something we strive at nowadays. Particularly in social media. It’s all about your own brand, your Klout and enhancing it through self-promotion and connections. Well, look at me now publicising my posts on Facebook and Twitter. There you go.

But humility, being humble, is a tricky one. In theory, if you are truly humble you probably wouldn’t know how to be humble, or indeed that you had anything to be humble about. What I mean is that it wouldn’t be a choice, it would be a way of being.

So for the rest of us what then? Well, humility like any other spiritual discipline can be practised. It’s something we can become good at. And luckily we don’t have to think too hard about how and where to be humble (should I talk about my latest award/beautiful hair/skill at underwater basket weaving or not?),instead we express our humility in reference to God.

So far so good. But what is walking humbly with God. It’s putting yourself at God’s disposal. Accepting that he has more of a say over your life than you – whether he is leading you to glory or ignominy. Or just plain wandering along the way of your life with you.

That’s all he wants. That’s it. Simple and incredibly difficult. As God often is.


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