How do we know what God wants 2

A recurrent theme in my spiritual life is to wonder what God wants from me. And Lent brings these thoughts out of course as it should if we are investigating our inner thoughts and relationship with God. Hence my second post about it this Lent.

In one of the comments on this blog a friend commented recently that religion must be very comforting and supportive. And of course it is in many ways very comforting and there have been many darker times in my life when I have felt God to be very close to me indeed. But the problem with God is that this is only part of the story and it’s not just about support, it’s not just a one way deal. If you enter into a relationship with God then in the same way that you would do things for a friend you will want to and be asked to do things for him. But what might those things be?

I have already written about discerning what God wants on a specific level – using discernment. But on a macro level God actually says explicitly what he wants and it’s this:

“Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8

God might just want you to be yourself but working for justice, merciful not judgemental (take note Pastor Wayne Sapp) and finally,  unrecognised. And when society has been telling you to succeed and value your worth by awards, rewards and recognition being asked to be the small man could be the most difficult thing to accept.


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