We watched RED the other night, (Retired Extremely Dangerous). It’s a great film and part of the enjoyment is the central idea that just because you are retired doesn’t mean you’re worthless, far from it. I predict there will be more of thisas our population ages – by this I mean films, shows, books in which the protagonists are interesting, lively, professional sexy etc etc and over the age of 60.

And what will the response of churches be? For a long time I have been uncomfortable with the common focus of churches on younger congregations, with the idea that a church filled with older people is of less value than one filled with younger people , as if somehow older people are less important. What we need is spirituality/theology that provides for everyone regardless of age. Why can’t a church filled with older people be as outgoing and relevant as any other? I think it’s a matter of perception – it better be otherwise we face a sad future in which we too are deemed to be less and less important as we grow older in the one place we should feel truly valued.


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