Most common commandment in the Bible

According to my vicar the most common commandment in the Bible is this: Don’t be afraid. Usually when God is about to ask something massive or mind-blowing.

I am afraid of lots of things in life:-

I’m regularly afraid of saying hello to people I have met a couple of times but don’t know very well
I’m afraid of leaving the cooker/iron/hair straighteners on
I am afraid of telling people what I believe when I meet them
I am afraid that when people know what I believe they will judge me and reject me
I am afraid of the demands God might make of me ( so far they seem to be to work for a marketing agency, write this blog and go to Church on Sundays….perhaps I should stop worrying… on the other hand…)

the list could go on but that’s enough of an insight into the murky depths of my mental seascape.

I’m going to try and stop being afraid for a bit, see what happens.

What are you afraid of?


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