Oops I did it again…

..to quote the ever astute Britney Spears. I missed 2 posts this week. One because I was busy and then too focused on my girls’ night out. One because my daughter and I had a 24 virus. However, being in bed feeling weak gives you time to think at least! And it has crossed my mind that I haven’t really addressed play as rest and therefore as God given and holy.

Talking about play as holy can put the fear into people. So to be clear, I’m not talking about breaking out your noah’s ark and only reading Bible stories on Sunday. What I mean is that play time is free time. You enter the freedom of play when you are resting from all the other things you have to do unless you are lucky enough to do a job that is play for you. In which case I congratulate you!

Rest can be said to be holy because God himself rested and told us to keep a day of rest – and we’re not above God now are we? Rest gives us free space for play of the mind, the soul and the body.

I spent my rest time on Wednesday with my girlfriends in a bar in Beaconsfield, having a meal, chatting and dancing. Playing essentially. It’s restorative. It’s relaxing. It allows us to carry on being mums the rest of the time. It’s God-given.




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