I didn’t post yesterday.  I completely forgot. I got into the whole thing and then got distracted!

So, does it matter?

When I was at university I gave up alcohol for Lent. One of my friends spent 30 minutes at a college disco persuading me that the drink he was offering me had no alcohol in it. In the end, to get him off my back, I drank it. He then proudly informed me I had just drunk alcohol and broken my Lent.

But he didn’t really get it. Lenten disciplines are of course about trying hard to give up things and fulfilling a commitment, but not managing to do it one day hardly invalidates the whole 40 day experience. Not doing it because you can’t be bothered or prioritise something else on purpose is different.

The important thing is that what we do in Lent we do for ourselves essentially. God doesn’t need us to give up something or take up something. The discipline is for our own benefit – to know we can do it if, for instance, we have to give up on something that could become destructive, and to draw closer to God by thinking about him that little bit more.

I wish you a peaceful and productive Lent.


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