Why do I bother?

Someone posted a comment on Facebook “giving up reticence for Lent is a novel idea”. Which made me think, “why am I doing this again?” (particularly when it’s time for dinner as my husband is reminding me from the kitchen…) so here it is.

I decided to blog every day because one part of Lent is to practice discipline. Practice makes perfect, and much of the spiritual life requires enough discipline to, say, pray regularly, go to church, resist temptation. In other words the every day coming and going of Christianity is easier if you have practiced a bit of discipline. Hence, having to blog every day.

Secondly, the time of Lent is about reflection on your spiritual state. The best way for me to do that is to write down my thoughts. It helps clarify the undercurrents in my psyche and soul, it helps to sort out the movements of the spirit and see a path ahead.

Thirdly, Lent is a time to draw closer to God through reflecting on him. Having to spend time every day thinking about what the hell I’m going to write on the blog is helping me consider my thoughts about God, particularly when people like Lettyanddolly are around to challenge what I write!

Finally, yes, I suppose I am giving up reticence. I feel I am a bit apologetic about my faith sometimes – after all, Christianity can be received quite hostilely in my experience – and that I ought to stick my head above the parapet a bit. So I have turned on the “publicise” feature which means that I am posting to Facebook and Twitter and that those followers – some of whom would not know or care about my faith will know a bit more about it.

And that’s why I bother. Apologies to those who thought this might be an entertaining rant!


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