40 days of blog posting

Not that blogging puts you in the wilderness exactly, but I have decided to mark Lent this year by committing to posting something every day on this blog. You will notice that this is a discipline I’m not all that regular on, so it should be a challenge. After all Lent is not actually about giving things up, it’s about taking time to think about what our relationship with God actually means, that’s really what Jesus was working out in the wilderness.

Come to think of it, it’s quite a negative way to view the temptations in the wilderness as Jesus giving things up. It would be better to look at it as Jesus making positive choices: the choice to feed people’s souls, not buy love with gifts; the choice to maintain a respectful relationship with God rather than putting him to the test; the choice to value the place he holds on earth and not to chase the things man thinks will make him happy – power, wealth, adoration.

So then, I am making a positive choice to blog every day this Lent. Let’s hope I come up with something interesting. 40 days is a long time…


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