links for 2011-01-24

  • Interesting approach to the use of C of E churches by the new Catholic congregations and priests that have moved over to the Ordinariate. Difficult but I think he is right on this one. It;’s hard to remember that God doesn’t work like we do and I think this attitude towards the congregations that have moved is probably the right one – despite the fact that it annoys me to say so! I think it’s important that the assumption that the Catholic congregations would simply take control of the buildings they worshipped in without asking is pointed out.

2 responses to “links for 2011-01-24

  1. Your link seems to have nothing to do with the Ordinariate, but is about Baroness Warsi, unless I’m missing something.

    By the way, I heard George Pitcher on the Today Programme some time ago, talking about assisted dying. He said that because of such legislation the Netherlands has practically no palliative care: a claim so absurd that it barely qualifies as mendacity.

  2. Darn it! I will edit it asap. I’ll have to check up on your link.

    And thank you publically LettyandDolly for your continued reading of this blog and your thoughtfulness which makes it more interesting for others!

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