This is not a mommy blog but…

Here is a picture of what’s been keeping me occupied for the last 10 days.
Her name is Beth and she is already a fan of the Foo Fighters.
Having her around has already taught me some new things about God’s love. It’s reminded me profoundly that God has no hands on earth but ours and it’s our responsibility to protect little people like this, alleviate suffering wherever we can and use our resources and our intelligence to strive to make our world the way God wants it for the helpless and the dispossessed.

And she’s also taught me how immensely undervalued sleep is!

Might go and have a kip…


2 responses to “This is not a mommy blog but…

  1. Hey Katie,

    Congratulations on the birth of your little Foo Fighting fan. Sleep is a commodity that will be scarce for a while I had to add. However, you have traded it on for something altogether more profound.

    My daughter is almost 15 months old now and the utter sense of devotion and depth of feeling old deepens. For me, my daughter is as close to divine love that I have ever experience.


  2. Hey Julien, thanks for the congratulations! Predictably blog posting has taken somewhat of a back seat in the last few weeks, so I haven’t replied before.

    But I echo what you have said – it’s a profound and unexpected experience of love and a glimpse of what God might feel for us.

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